Baltimore history

Episode 15 of the Rise of Charm City explores the history of Baltimore's LGBTQ+ communities. 

The Rise of Charm City's exploration of Morgan State University's 150-year history continues in Episode 14: "A Modern Study of Morganic Chemistry."

A view of Morgan State University Campus from WEAA, on the third floor of the School of Global Journalism and Communications.
Stacia Brown / The Rise of Charm City

The Rise of Charm City is delighted to present our second season premiere, "Episode 13: Protect Your Vital Morgan," the first of a two-part series on the 150-year history of Morgan State University.

WEAA first began broadcasting on January 10, 1977. For the station's 40th anniversary, read the story of WEAA's first year, as told in a 1977 issue of Morgan Magazine.