Ellison Report March 15: #ReSegregation; Chicago Shuts Down Trump; Where’s the Tea Party?

Mar 16, 2016

The Ellison Report is a weekly journal of politics, policy, and the people. This week, Host Charles Ellison explores neighborhood re-segregation, the recent protests at Trump's rally in Chicago, what happened to the Tea Party, and analysis of Trump's "rejection index."

PART I - American University’s Michael Bader discusses his new study on neighborhood re-segregation, particularly in the context of the 2016 election and recent racial tensions. @mike_bader

PART II – Pastor Jedidiah Brown, organizer of the protest that shut down Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago. Descriptions of what really went down – and why it was a dangerous place for any Black or Brown person to be. @JedidiahLBrown 

PART III - Emily Ekins, Research Fellow at the Cato Institute, explains what happened to the Tea Party. Does it still exist? And are its roots political, racial or economic? @EmilyEkins

PART IV - Stefan Hankin, Founder and CEO of Lincoln Strategies, compares Donald Trump’s “Rejection Index” with other GOP candidates, what that bodes for the future, and if Democrats really have an enthusiasm gap headed into November? @LPStrategies