Ellison Report 1.26.17: #VotingRights, WhoVotesForMayor, #OscarsGetBlacker

Jan 26, 2017

A weekly journal of politics, policy, and the people.

PART I – Nicol Turner-Lee of Brookings delves into what’s at stake on the voting rights landscape and why  the next Attorney General, more than likely, won’t  be doing anything about it.

PART II – Former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling, now at Portland State University, describes a new study on the abysmally low voter turnout rate in local elections. Why that matters in the context of voting rights and “voter fraud.”

PART III – Kimberly Fain gives an overview of the latest and unusually long(er) list of Black film and acting nominees for the Oscars, and what that all means with the Age of Trump in the backdrop.

PART IV – Michele  Watley, Sanders ’16, offers candid thoughts on what Democrats and progressives must do to get their electoral  muscle back.