WEAA 88.9 Local Content and Services Report


WEAA is strong in its commitment and dedication to informing the community through long- and short-form programming. WEAA provides community information that allows listeners to engage community resources and services that affect their daily lives and the needs of their families. WEAA partners with city services, government officials and elected officials to strengthen awareness. WEAA provides a forum for open discussion through topical public affairs programming. WEAA continues its rich tradition of jazz, blues, gospel and world music programming.

Key Initiatives and Partners

Anthony McCarthy Town Hall, Michael Dunn verdict discussion — Among the guests and panelists for the live broadcast: Larry Hannan, courts reporter for the Florida Times-Union; Mitzi Miller, editor-in-chief of Jet Magazine; Attorneys A. Dwight Pettit, attorney Sheryl Wood, as well as social activists and commentators Dr. Raymond Winbush, Adar Ayira, Tome Moore and Adam J. Jackson, and Baltimore listeners.  

Baltimore Ascertainment Day — WEAA staffers attended and or moderated panels along with other broadcasters and media to discuss small business opportunities and initiatives that need local media assistance. One of the businesses was profiled during the WEAA on air membership drive and provided student volunteers.

Impactful Partnerships

WEAA continues its Community Cares program, which spotlights non-profit organizations to present their services and offerings, thereby allowing a broader platform to reach more people in the community and to highlight the mission, values and contribution to the community at the heart of these organizations.

Speak to My Heart — Coat Drive Organizer Duane Johnson says that after being selected a Community Cares recipient, the phone started to ring and many coats were delivered to the church.

Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation — WEAA participated in the walkathon and helped build participation and registration.

Belair Edison Neighborhoods — WEAA was able to mentor candidates interested in these new sustainable communities and provide specific information and direction.

New Efforts to Meet the Needs of Our Audience

WEAA began testing a new show, The Hip Hop Chronicles, in October of 2014. The show is produced locally at the WEAA studios and has been well received and become part of the 2015 programming line-up. It caters to the hip-hop generation, who often accept and digest information through a blend of socially conscience music, discussions around political and social issues, and other information relevant to hip-hop thought and POV.  

WEAA began on-boarding a new website to compliment and further on-air programming and to bolster audience interest in participation.

CPB funding is critical to WEAA staffing for full- and part-time employees so that we continue to serve our listeners. We pay some salaries with CPB. Our CPB funding also affords us opportunities to produce local programming, including news and public affairs content, that is relevant to the local Baltimore community. CPB funding is part of our lifeline and promotes originality and purpose in all we do.