Harford County Sheriff Jim Gahler says he strongly supports a bill that would increase prison sentences for drug dealers convicted of distributing opioids that result in the death of a minor. Gahler was joined at a news conference Tuesday by Mark and Nancy Jones, whose 17-year old daughter Amber, died of a heroin overdose.  "I’m just a mom, and it so important to protect the children --they're so young, they can be easily manipulated," said Jones.

Over past couple of  weeks, the dollar amount that was reportedly sought by attorneys representing the family of Korryn Gaines, was $4 million. Well, that number has changed---exponentially.

Marvel Comics much anticipated and well hyped 'Black Panther’ opens this weekend. The movie features for the first time, a black super hero comic film on the big screen. But, what are the impacts that such a film would have on the psyche of African-American kids who have the opportunity to see characters who look like them as super heroes?