Sean Yoes in the studio with Stephen Janis, of the Real News Network.
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First Edition host Sean Yoes continues the discussion about the battle for meaningful reform to the cash bail system in Maryland, with University of Maryland law professor Doug Colbert and bail reform advocate Caryn York. 


WEAA's Julius White has the local news.

First Edition host Sean Yoes continue to cover the HBCU crisis in Maryland. Yoes gets a full report of the rally in Annapolis with Faraji Muhammad, host of WEAA’s, “Listen Up!” 

Baltimore City skyline.
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The trial of Devante Brim has been postponed until May. Brim is charged with the murder of Kendal Fenwick, a single father of three who was active in the fight against drugs in his community. And, a contest is underway to name the first giraffe born in more than 20 years at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.