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In the wake of the recent murder murder captured on Facebook live and the accidental suicide on Instagram, how do we protect our children from the burgeoning horrors of social media? First Edition host Sean Yoes talks to Kaye Wise Whitehead, author, public intellectual and professor at Loyola University of Maryland. 

Dr. Dallas Dance, 2014.
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Baltimore County Public Schools CEO Dr. Dallas Dance suddenly announced his resignation on Tuesday. Why is he stepping down, after recently renewing his contract with the county? 

The so-called opioid epidemic in Maryland is literally overwhelming the State Medical Examiner’s officer, according to a recent report, which could cause the office to lose accreditation. First Edition host Sean Yoes has a full report, including insights from Israel Cason, founder of I Can’t, We Can, the addiction recovery facility.

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WEAA's Julius White has the local news.