7pm Public Affairs

Weekdays at 7pm on WEAA, public affairs programming is as follows:

Monday: Marsha Jews & Company, We Keep It Moving

Tuesday: Wealthy Radio with Deborah Owens 

Wednesday: The RelationSHIFT Experience with Changa Bell

Friday: Listen Up! with Farajii Muhammad

543,000 new small businesses are founded in the United States each month, but half don't survive past five years. On this episode of Wealthy Radio, Deborah Owens talks about strategies that small businesses can use to grow. April Williams and Lisa Stanford from the Maryland Governors Office of Minority Affairs join Owens to discuss business development strategies through state contracting. And Charles Ramos of CR Dynamics talks about using state contracting to grow his own small business.

Keep it Moving, Aug 17

Aug 18, 2015

Marsha Jews speaks with Germaine Bolds-Leftridge, president and founder of Ubiquitous Hair and Health Trade Show. Maurette Brown Clark, award-winning gospel artist, joins the conversation later on. And finally, Erica Nicole Walker and Fred Mitchell talk about the United Negro College Fund.

Listen Up! Aug 14

Aug 18, 2015

Farajii Muhammad talks to Joel Bridgeman, field director for the Obama Campaign, about challenges and things to expect from the Obama administration.  Then Muhammad speaks with the Baltimore representative for Louis Farrakhan about the Justice or Else march on 10/10/15.


Marsha Jews with Baltimore University President Kurt L. Schmoke
Marsha Jews

This week on Keep It Moving, Marsha Jews speaks with Kurt L. Schmoke, President of The University of Baltimore and former mayor of Baltimore.



Urban Health Beat Aug 5: Pet Care

Aug 7, 2015
In this episode of Urban Health Beat, Marilyn Harris-Brown talks about pet care.
Lali Masriera, June 12 2010 / Flickr

This week on Urban Health Beat, Marilyn Harris-Davis talks with Dr. Bruce Brown about owning pets — everything from pet care, pet health, and pet safety, to the human health benefits of owning animals. Dr. Brown is a veterinarian at Liberty Animal Clinic in Baltimore.