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Weekdays at 7pm on WEAA, public affairs programming is as follows:

Monday: Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews

Tuesday: Wealthy Radio with Deborah Owens 

Wednesday: The RelationSHIFT Experience with Changa Bell

Friday: Listen Up! with Farajii Muhammad

Deborah Owens speaks with William Elliott III, author of "The Real College Debt Crisis," about the student loan system. According to Elliott II, the most important factor to students' success is not their degree or college, but their financial status. And in the second half of the show, Owens takes calls to discuss the new financial normal. 

In August 1974, Beverly Johnson was the first black woman to be featured on the cover of Vogue.
Beverly Johnson / / Twitter

More than forty years ago, I walked into Darnell Drug Store on the corner of Madison and Eddy Streets in South Bend, Indiana. It was a visit that had no real appeal, rather a moment to take a walk and check out the newest magazines and maybe an ice cream cone. 

To my surprise it was a monumental memorable experience. It was the day that I would actually see someone who looked like me on the cover of Vogue Magazine - Beverly Johnson.

Listen Up! Aug 28

Aug 31, 2015

Farajii Muhammad covers the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, considering not just the last ten years but also how Katrina will impact the next generation. Then, a conversation about money management. Wealth, finances, and what you need to do to make sure your money works for you. And finally, the What's Good in the Hood Street Report. 


Chronic pain is the number one cause of adult disability in the United States — 50 million Americans live with it today. Marilyn Harris-Davis talks about the issues surrounding chronic pain with Dr. Gary Jennings, president and CEO of QOL Pain Management. 

Given this week's turbulent market, Deborah Owens reminds us that that there is no financial certainty and it is more important than ever to gain a fundamental understanding of finance. On Wealthy Radio, Owens first speaks with an investment insider who will share what folks can do to take back money from Wall Street. Owens then talks to someone who is helping parents create a wealthy legacy by teaching their children wealthy habits.