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Weekdays at 7pm on WEAA, public affairs programming is as follows:

Monday: Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews

Tuesday: Wealthy Radio with Deborah Owens 

Wednesday: The RelationSHIFT Experience with Changa Bell

Friday: Listen Up! with Farajii Muhammad

Towanda Braxton! KW Griff! Honey Lathan! Chris Henderson! Marc Clarke! LaDawn Black! Nagib! & the guys of Fresh Start-BMYI make Changa’s surprise Birthday Bash EPIC!

Wealthy Radio May 23

May 24, 2017
Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens.
Deborah Owens / Facebook

Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens starts this week’s show with a topic that is not popular to talk about, but is extremely important when it comes to Wealthy Habits and a Wealthy Lifestyle. More than 40 million Americans serve as caregivers for an older adult in their life. As our parents and loved ones are living longer, we will likely have to be responsible for their care in some way. Derrick McDaniels, also known as “Mr. Eldercare 101” joins Owens to discuss what you can to do prepare for life as a caregiver.

Host Marsha Jews brings you a wonderful full show — filled with exciting news, healthcare basic survival information, technology, and the arts. Jews hosts the recently retired Honorable Helen L. Holton, who discusses her new national position. Rahama Wright shares her incredible international social entrepreneur program in Africa. Tyrone Obaseki discusses his incredible foster care experiences and how the program must change. Angela Singleton discusses Maryland Technology Development Corporation's upcoming ICE Awards.

Listen Up! May 19

May 22, 2017
Andre Chung / NBC News

Listen Up! producer Meaca Downing guest hosts for Farajii Muhammad. On this week's show: Rolling with Ramos, a discussion about an upcoming women’s conference, and a segment on sexual assault with Lady Ali. 

Host Changa Bell and Fresh Start Program Director Cheryl Riviere discuss Changa's 4 step pathway to healing compassion fatigue in the workplace, especially when working in a high-stress​ environment.