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Weekdays at 7pm on WEAA, public affairs programming is as follows:

Monday: Marsha Jews & Company, We Keep It Moving

Tuesday: Wealthy Radio with Deborah Owens 

Wednesday: The RelationSHIFT Experience with Changa Bell

Friday: Listen Up! with Farajii Muhammad

Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens.
Deborah Owens / Facebook

The job market is picking up and employers are hiring, but people are feeling more stressed than ever. What can you do to break the stress habit? Host Deborah Owens speaks with an author and executive coach about how to turn your burnout into brilliance. And this week on What Would Deborah Do — what would you tell your 18-year-old self about finances? 

Host Marhsa Jews discusses the upcoming Black Tech Conference with Founder Doni Glover and one of his presenters, Dr. Barney Wilson. Also, Sharon Page is back from Gary, Indiana with Brown Girl Village updates and her best buddy Nicola Jackson discussing your finances.  

Listen Up! July 28

Jul 31, 2017
Andre Chung / NBC News

Listen Up! host Farajii Muhammad kicks off Friday's conversation with Dedrick Muhammad of the Racial Wealth Divide Initiative. They discuss the 2017 NAACP National Convention, and what impact will it have on the larger agenda facing Black America. Then, Muhammad speaks with two to of the people putting together The Basketball Tournament (TBT), which will have the 10-time NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony as host for the championship in Baltimore. And, the official What's Good in the Hood Sports Report. 

This week, RelationSHIFT Experience host Changa Bell is joined by the incomparable, human advocate, social justice purveyor, yogini, awesome sister (literally) and one of the coolest civil rights leaders you will EVER meet — Jill Carter. 


Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens.
Deborah Owens / Facebook

This week on Wealthy Radio, host Deborah Owens talks about two challenging topics that are impacting two of the largest demographics in America: millennials and boomers.

Millennials are graduating with a tremendous amount of debt — leading them to postpone marriage and preventing them from purchasing their first homes. Tisa Silver, Director of Financial Education and Wellness for a leading university, shares her strategies for tackling all this college debt.