7pm Public Affairs

Weekdays at 7pm on WEAA, public affairs programming is as follows:

Monday: Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews

Tuesday: Wealthy Radio with Deborah Owens 

Wednesday: Urban Health Beat with Marilyn Harris-Davis

Friday: Listen Up! with Farajii Muhammad

Marsha Jews launches Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews & Company.  You know how the dinner conversations are easy breezy, comfortable, no stress or pressure. In Marsha's new format, she will periodically include dear friends or subject matter experts to sit in the studio and co-host while discussing important or timely topics. 

This week on the RelationSHIFT experience, host Changa Bell discusses perseverance. We often use words like adversity and overcoming, but it gets to the grit of a person’s soul when they come against insurmountable odds and come out exonerated and a champion of their own cause. Bell interviews Mr. Walter Lomax, who was in prison for more than 40 years for a crime he did not commit. 

Wealthy Radio Feb 28

Mar 1, 2017
Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens.
Deborah Owens / Facebook

Imagine if you had a job that guaranteed you a salary of $1 million. What kind of lifestyle would you plan? How would you spend your money? Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens talks with someone who faced this exact scenario. When former NFL wide receiver Ryan Broyles started with the Detroit Lions, he signed a $3.6 million dollar contract that guaranteed him $1.4 million. Instead of spending all his money at once, he took the bold step to live on just a fraction of his salary in order to save and invest for the future. 

Keep It Moving Feb 23

Feb 28, 2017

Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews speaks with artist Loring Cornish, film director A.J. Ali, and comedian Ivan Martin.

Listen Up! Feb 24

Feb 27, 2017
Andre Chung / NBC News

Listen Up! host Farajii Muhammad opens the show discussing the racial wealth divide in Baltimore with Dedrick Muhammad of CFED. Then, Listen up! introduces a new segment: School Daze. On School Daze, hosts Lady Aali and Hollywood Dani talk about life at an HBCU. And then, Muhammad has the official What’s Good in the Hood Street report.