Baltimore City Councilman Brandon Scott talks with WEAA's Julius White about the resolution he sponsored that calls on the Maryland General Assembly, to pass legislation that would require a comprehensive update to the city’s police boundaries, which have not changed in decades.


Political analyst Dr. Jason Johnson--who's also an Associate Professor at Morgan State University's School of Journalism and Global Communications talks with News Anchor Julius White about the Democratic victories in Maryland and elsewhere. 

The Rise of Charm City's exploration of Morgan State University's 150-year history continues in Episode 14: "A Modern Study of Morganic Chemistry."

WEAA first began broadcasting on January 10, 1977. For the station's 40th anniversary, read the story of WEAA's first year, as told in a 1977 issue of Morgan Magazine.

Port Covington
Under Armour

Julius White has the local news: Baltimore City Council has given final approval to $660 million dollars in public financing for Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank’s Port Covington development; the Baltimore Action Legal Team, a Baltimore legal support group, says the consent decree between city police and the Department of Justice should include an end to stop and frisk practices, and changes to the department’s use of force policies.