On September 2nd, 2013 the world erupted as Diana Nyad took her first steps onto the shore of Key West after swimming 110.86 miles from Cuba in an athletic journey that would go down in history not just as a world record but as a champion moment for the human spirit. The mythological manifestation of a champion Diana Nyad, joins host Changa Bell to share how she Never Ever Gave Up.


<a href="">MSU</a> / Morgan State University News

Towson University and Morgan State University announced the Battle for Greater Baltimore, a renewal of the sports rivalry between the Baltimore area’s only two local universities with a college football program.

Former Terps Collegiate Football star Akil Patterson and former NFL NY Jet Aaron Maybin join host Changa Bell for a candid discussion on Football, Sexual Orientation and everything in between.

Stacia Brown / The Rise of Charm City

Episode 16 of the Rise of Charm City features the history of lacrosse in Baltimore city's various communities. 

President Donald Trump at CPAC 2017 February 24th, 2017.
<a href="">Michael Vadon</a> / Flickr

In this segment of the Hip Hop Chronicles, Morgan State Professor and Political Analyst Jason Johnson gives his undivided opinion on President Trump's first 100 days in office. Then, he shares his 2017 NBA finals predictions.