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Contemporary R&B is flourishing in unimaginable ways right now. And after coming off an especially fruitful year, Indian-American singer Raveena Aurora hopes to keep the momentum going.

"Aimlessly going through the night/ Swimming through seven seas of lights," Aurora coos in the first verse of her newest track, "Wherever U Go."

The Gullah people of coastal Georgia and South Carolina trace their language and culture back to their West and Central African ancestors. Among the Gullah's unique contributions to African-American culture is a deeply distilled repertoire of spirituals and work songs. On the self-titled debut by the quintet Ranky Tanky, Gullah songs are lively, soulful honey to the ears.

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5 R&B Albums You Slept On In 2017

Dec 28, 2017

At 22, Brent Faiyaz is Grammy-nominated for singing the bouncy hook to GoldLink's summer-defining "Crew," a D.C.-centric celebration of being alive and young, black and striving. It's about the bond shared with people who've been there from the beginning.