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First Edition host Sean Yoes talks to veteran political commentator and columnist Barry Rascovar about the implications for Democrats and Republicans in Tuesday's House of Representatives election in Georgia to replace Republican Rep. Tom Price. 

First Edition host Sean Yoes speaks to several of the powerful contributors to the Black Mental Health Alliance’s Call to Action Healing Summit. 

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First Edition host Sean Yoes welcomes a panel of experts to discuss the ubiquitous issue of blight in Baltimore —  including the battle against blight, correlations with gentrification, and solutions.

On the final day of the court proceedings connected to the HBCU Coalition lawsuit against the state of Maryland, First Edition host Sean Yoes gets a report from AFRO reporter Deborah Bailey. 

Mind on the Matter is a show that highlights current events, blended insights, mental health, community wellness, and self empowerment. On this episode, host Dr. Jeff Menzise speaks with young local rapper Lil Key and his manager, his mother. Then, Terry Taylor of Reginald F. Lewis Museum joins the show.