Donald Trump

Final vote in US Senate on the confirmation of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education, which resulted in a 50-50 tie that had to be broken in DeVos's favor by Vice President Mike Pence.
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Donald Trump speaking with the media at a hangar at Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona.
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Donald Trump allegedly will meet with presidents of several HBCUs at the end of this month, according to several sources, something President Obama did not do in eight years. Can good come out of this meeting, or will it be just another Trump Black photo op? First Edition host Sean Yoes opens the phone lines to hear from listeners. 

First Edition host Sean Yoes is joined by Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead and Dr. Raymond Winbush for a conversation about the plight of Black History Month in the age of Trump. 

Donald Trump in 2015.
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First Edition host Sean Yoes and national intelligence expert Dr. Tyrone Powers discuss the burgeoning, volatile Russian hacking story and Donald Trump’s bizarre involvement in it. 

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Talladega College, one of the nation’s HBCU’s, has officially announced its marching band will perform at the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Should they have agreed? The phone lines are open to hear your opinion. Plus, Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead has been besieged with threats from around the country since introducing her “Trump Syllabus K-12." Host Sean Yoes talks to Dr. Whitehead about the backlash, and her plans to go forward with an anti-Trump teach in.