In this segment of the Hip Hop Chronicles, Mike Nyce talks with local activists from the Baltimore Housing Roundtable and Fight Blight Baltimore about their movement to rebuild blighted city neighborhoods and create fair housing and job opportunities in the inner city.

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This week on Listen Up! host Farajii Muhammad begins the show covering how Native Americans gathered during this month's Women's March. Then, more on Women's History Month in the new segment For Us By Us with Nerra Muhammad. Then a discussion about the Baltimore Education Deficit and how it will effect the children of Baltimore. And finally, the What's Good in the Hood Street Report.

Baltimore City Police Dept.

As the details continue to emerge about the seven Baltimore City Police Officers indicted for racketeering, many believe their actions are only the tip of the iceberg of a corrupt department. Should the citizens of Baltimore continue to invest the taxpayer dollars in the BCPD, or should we tear it down and start over? First Edition host Sean Yoes opens the phone lines for listeners to comment. 

A Standing Rock solidarity march in Washington, D.C., on November 15, 2016.
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First Edition host Sean Yoes has a final update on the Standing Rock, North Dakota protests, before the Standing Rock solidarity march in Washington, D.C. on Saturday. Yoes talks to one of the march’s organizers, Joanne Bodnar. He also talks to community activists and artists Ama Chandra and Kenyatta Moon, two of the leaders of the Sacred Community Vigil and Peace Walk happening this Monday in Baltimore.

Keep It Moving Oct 17

Oct 18, 2016

Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews speaks with activist and blogger Shaka Berry; Reverend Dr. Frances Murphy Draper of the Freedom Temple African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; developer Brett Kelly; and journalist Catalina Byrd.