The RelationSHIFT Experience

Wednesday, 7pm

Radio for your life, The RelationSHIFT Experience is a curated community discussion where host Changa Bell talks about some trending and not-so trending topics around health, wellness, and spirituality to shift the most important relationship of all; the one with yourself. Changa Bell presents unique engaging interviews, and on-point health topics with a community point of view. 

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This week on the RelationSHIFT Experience, host Changa Bell does Life coaching, live in studio! Bell will discuss tools such as S.M.A.R.T Goal Development, The Circle of Influence, Motivational Interviewing, and Powerful Questions to help guide you to your personal destination of success or happiness. 

This week on the RelationSHIFT Experience, host Changa Bell discusses Baltipreneurship — the perseverance it takes to be an entrepreneur, and specifically what that means in our beloved Baltimore City. 

Bell speaks with Torin Ellis, A Human Capital Strategist, talent recruiting specialist, mentor, reality TV star, and dad; Nikita Robinson, founder and operator of Semak Massage Therapy; Deana Jefferson Yates, founder and full-time operator of Trevino Paint; and actress Ellana Barksdale, calling in from Los Angeles, California.


This week on the RelationSHIFT Experience, host Changa Bell goes into the depths of a subject that we often only discuss (if at all) in the privacy of our homes, and amongst our trusted friends — the subject of race. Martin Friedman and Michael Scott of the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond join Changa Bell  in the studio to discuss whiteness, and what it means to be white. 


This week on the RelationSHIFT experience, host Changa Bell discusses perseverance. We often use words like adversity and overcoming, but it gets to the grit of a person’s soul when they come against insurmountable odds and come out exonerated and a champion of their own cause. Bell interviews Mr. Walter Lomax, who was in prison for more than 40 years for a crime he did not commit. 

The RelationSHIFT Experience host Changa Bell discusses the controversial topic of romantic love. What works, what doesn't? In the studio to discuss are couples Adrienne and Stacy Carver, and Maya and Changa Onyongo.

The RelationSHIFT Experience's February theme is love. For the final week of February, host Changa Bell will look at love through the spiritual lens of coaching. Bell asks his guests and listeners powerful questions to motivate change and growth in life.