The RelationSHIFT Experience

Wednesday, 7pm

Radio for your life, The RelationSHIFT Experience is a curated community discussion where host Changa Bell talks about some trending and not-so trending topics around health, wellness, and spirituality to shift the most important relationship of all; the one with yourself. Changa Bell presents unique engaging interviews, and on-point health topics with a community point of view. 

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In the words of Marvin Gaye, “What’s going on?” Overdose and Addiction spikes are just a few of the problems facing Baltimore’s Health Care System. Baltimore City's Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen sits down with Changa Bell to discuss the innovative measures her office has taken to put the city on a path of healing.

Four Dads gather give us a piece of their mind….and hearts! Dads talk about the good, the bad, and the EPIC, with your host Changa Bell.


RelationSHIFT Host Changa Bell speaks with Dayvon Love &  Leaders of A  Beautiful Struggle, Lisa Ascolese Founder and CEO of "Inventing A to Z," and Ray Davis of Flight American Fusion. The discussion continues the monthly theme of creativity, as Bells dives into topics such as Creativity in Entrepreneurship.

Former Terps Collegiate Football star Akil Patterson and former NFL NY Jet Aaron Maybin join host Changa Bell for a candid discussion on Football, Sexual Orientation and everything in between.

Towanda Braxton! KW Griff! Honey Lathan! Chris Henderson! Marc Clarke! LaDawn Black! Nagib! & the guys of Fresh Start-BMYI make Changa’s surprise Birthday Bash EPIC!