Real Questions

6pm Sunday

Real Questions is a weekly two-way talk show that addresses the concomitant issues of the day. The topics are always relevant, timely and on the cutting edge. Real Questions has been running on WEAA for 27 years. 

Host David Brown brings to WEAA more than 30 years of broadcast experience. He began his career at KSTP Radio in Minneapolis, Minnesota an ABC Metromedia affiliate.  He later worked at WBMX in Chicago, Illinois when Tom Joyner was the Fly Jock. He returned to Baltimore working at WCBM (NewsTalk 68) an ABC Metromedia affiliate while moonlighting at WEBB Radio. Throughout the course of his career he worked for The National Black Network, WWIN AM – FM, WBGR while stringing for United Press International (UPI) and Associated Press (AP). He has numerous Distinguished Journalist Awards. 

Real Questions with David Brown. June 18, 2017.

Real Questions with David Brown. June 4, 2017.

Real Questions with David Brown. June 11, 2017.

Real Questions with David Brown, May 21.

David Brown hosts this edition of Real Questions on May 14, which is also Mother's Day.