Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews & Company

Mondays, 7-8 p.m.

Keep it Moving with Marsha Jews is a lively hour of interviews and commentary. It’s “hard-edged,” but not without a healthy dose of humor and education. This engaging forum is where listeners can amass information and listen to a passionate host who brings great conversation that surprises and educates a discerning audience. 

Ways to Connect

Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews interviews dancer Misty Copeland; businesswoman and entrepreneur Shari Sharifi Brown; and Debra Hood, Chair for 2017 Spirit of Woman Conference.

Host Marsha Jews speaks with Reverend Patrick D. Clayborn; Camille Yarborough, a writer, actress, dancer, and singer; and Catonya, the Vice President of the Priceless Gown Project.

Marsha Jews launches Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews & Company.  You know how the dinner conversations are easy breezy, comfortable, no stress or pressure. In Marsha's new format, she will periodically include dear friends or subject matter experts to sit in the studio and co-host while discussing important or timely topics. 

Keep It Moving Feb 23

Feb 28, 2017

Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews speaks with artist Loring Cornish, film director A.J. Ali, and comedian Ivan Martin.

Keep It Moving Jan 23

Jan 24, 2017

Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews speaks with Dr. Eugene M. DeLoatch, a former dean and professor of the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr School; Dr. David Wilson, the 12th president of Morgan State University; Dr. Tyrone D. Taborn, publisher, chairman and CEO of Career Communications Group; Shelonda, President and CEO of greiBO entertainment; and Matthew Reeds, a senior Information Science and Systems major in The Earl G. Graves Honors School of Business and Management at Morgan State University.