Keep It Moving with Marsha Jews

Mondays, 7-8 p.m.

Keep it Moving with Marsha Jews is a lively hour of interviews and commentary. It’s “hard-edged,” but not without a healthy dose of humor and education. This engaging forum is where listeners can amass information and listen to a passionate host who brings great conversation that surprises and educates a discerning audience. 

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Keep It Moving Jan 23

Jan 24, 2017

Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews speaks with Dr. Eugene M. DeLoatch, a former dean and professor of the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr School; Dr. David Wilson, the 12th president of Morgan State University; Dr. Tyrone D. Taborn, publisher, chairman and CEO of Career Communications Group; Shelonda, President and CEO of greiBO entertainment; and Matthew Reeds, a senior Information Science and Systems major in The Earl G. Graves Honors School of Business and Management at Morgan State University.

Keep It Moving Jan 9

Jan 10, 2017

A note from Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews:

The January 9 show is a true mix bag of information. First two security experts, Robert Johnston, CEO of Adlumin, Inc., and John Halinski, CEO at S & R Investments, Inc., discuss the hacking of the DNC's emails and the upcoming challenges with security at the airports. 

Keep It Moving Jan 2

Jan 3, 2017

Host Marsha Jews discusses BrownGirl Village, an amazing non-profit organization launching for young girls. BrownGirl Village is a global movement to empower girls to become independent leaders of the future through entrepreneurship, exposure, self development, and mentorship. 

Keep It Moving Dec 19

Dec 20, 2016

On Keep It Moving, host Marsha Jews talks with the Booker family, who authored a book together; educator and community organizer David Miller; author Kevin Shird; and Angelo Eberlee, founder and CEO of Double XXposure Media Relations.

Keep It Moving Dec 12

Dec 13, 2016

Keep It Moving host Marsha Jews interviews composer and pianist Darin Atwater, White House Correspondent April Ryan, author Corey P. Smith, and holistic medicine practitioner Dave Foreman.