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Sean Yoes sit down with Catalina Byrd to talk about the possibility of Vice President Joe Biden’s run for a third term. Neil Franklin joins Catalina to discuss Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis’s reorganization plans for the police-staffing department that allegedly will attempt to fix Baltimore's law enforcement issues. Later we wind down the show with the Hour of Power, which includes wisdom from Candice Denise and knowledge from Dr. Levi Harrison. 


A look back at the week’s top stories with Roberto Alejandro of the AFRO American. Topics include the burgeoning impact of Donald Trump's candidacy for GOP nomination, and more reporting on Gilmor homes. Then the Mod Squad reports from Pocomoke City MD, as the firing of the first black police chief there, Kelvin Sewell, continues to make national headlines. The Mod Squad is Roberto Alejandro, and Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of the Real News Network. 

On the Background Report, Roberto Alejandro of the AFRO American Newspaper looks into the deplorable condition of Gilmor Homes — where Freddie Gray lived — and the dubious respond of the city to improve those conditions.  Then the Mod Squad discusses the murder of Sam DuBose in Cincinatti, and Baltimore’s second month of more than 40 homicides. The Mod Squad is Roberto Alejandro, and Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of the Real News Network. 

Nadir Nasheed, from Trading Places Mentoring Academy, Juwan Nasheed, Woodlawn High School Senior, and Ray Baker, Coach of Woodlawn Drive Baseball Club.
Delena Swaby

In national news, Sean Yoes and Maryland Senator Ben Cardin talk about the Iran nuclear deal, including Mike Huckabee’s recent comment comparing it to the Holocaust. And in local news, thousands of emails reveal the chaos in Baltimore City during the uprising in April. Luke Broadwater of the Baltimore Sun and Adam Jackson of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle join the show to discuss. 

Yoes learns about Full Blast Summer Camp, a summer program that focuses on STEAM. STEAM is: science, technology, engineering, art, and math. 

In national news, Sean Yoes covers the hype around Donald Trump, and Hilary Clinton's "emailgate." Could the unthinkable be possible  — an election that is Trump vs Sanders? And in local news, delegate Jill Carter joins the show to discuss running for Mayor.

For the Hour of Power, catch Levi Harrison and the Art of Fitness, and be inspired with Candice Denise of the Soar High Dream Big movement.