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First Edition is Baltimore’s evening drive-time source for the latest news and information from around the city to around the world. Host Sean Yoes leads roundtable discussions with correspondents, politicians, and community leaders to provide the most relevant news for listeners – from policing and law enforcement policy to education to local, state and national politics. But after the hard news, the show shifts gears to bring words of inspiration, celebrate local students, and talk arts and culture. First Edition closes out the week with Friday’s popular Happy Hour segment, where the team spins the hottest tunes while sampling dishes from Baltimore’s best restaurants. 

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Daunasia Yancey and Julius Jones, of Boston's Black Lives Matter movement, ask Hillary Clinton questions during her campaign stop in New Hampshire.
Black Lives Matter Boston / / Twitter

Sean Yoes discusses dismantling structural racism as a campaign plank of the 2016 democratic presidential platform. In the studio are Baltimore City council candidate Zeke Cohen, and Adam Jackson of Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle. In particular, Cohen and Jackson analyze the interaction between Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter activists Julius Jones and Daunasia Yancey.

300 Men March, arriving in D.C. on Monday.
300 Men March / / Twitter

Yoes speaks with Shawn Stinnett and David Johnson of the Street Engage Unit, who participated in the 300 Men March on Sunday night to Washington D.C.

Sean Yoes talks national politics with Catalina Byrd, political strategist and media consultant, and Sean Breeze, co-host of No Hooks Hip Hop Chronicles on WEAA. They discuss Donald Trump's dubious policy positions, including his plan to deport all undocumented immigrants. 

300 Men March Movement in D.C.
300 Men March / / Twitter

Sean Yoes and Roberto Alejandro, of the AFRO American Newspaper, discuss a new 50 K John Hopkins study on the uprising, comparing it to the derailed homicide review commission. And Sean Stinnett joins Yoes in the studio to talk about the 300 Men March and their march from Baltimore to D.C. on Sunday. At the end of the hour, the Mod Squad talks about City Hall and law enforcement. The Mod Squad is Roberto Alejandro, and Taya Graham and Stephen Janis of the Real News Network. 

Trabian Shorters posts about his movement, Black Men Love, on Twitter.
Trabian Shorters / / Twitter

Sean Yoes learns about the Black Men Love Movement from Trabian Shorters, CEO and Founder of BMe and Founder of the Black Men Love movement, and Shawn Burnet, Baltimore BMe Community Manager and founder of Walk of Art.