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First Edition is Baltimore’s evening drive-time source for the latest news and information from around the city to around the world. Host Sean Yoes leads roundtable discussions with correspondents, politicians, and community leaders to provide the most relevant news for listeners – from policing and law enforcement policy to education to local, state and national politics. But after the hard news, the show shifts gears to bring words of inspiration, celebrate local students, and talk arts and culture. First Edition closes out the week with Friday’s popular Happy Hour segment, where the team spins the hottest tunes while sampling dishes from Baltimore’s best restaurants. 

Ways to Connect

Trabian Shorters posts about his movement, Black Men Love, on Twitter.
Trabian Shorters / / Twitter

Sean Yoes learns about the Black Men Love Movement from Trabian Shorters, CEO and Founder of BMe and Founder of the Black Men Love movement, and Shawn Burnet, Baltimore BMe Community Manager and founder of Walk of Art. 

Protestors Gather in Arlington Texas following the shooting of Christian Taylor
Will Johnson, Arlington Police Chief / Twitter

On Tuesday, officer Brad Miller was terminated from the Arlington Texas police department. Last Friday Miller shot and killed Christian Taylor, an unarmed black teen vandalizing a car dealership. Sean Yoes speaks with Seth Stoughton, assistant professor of law at the University of South Carolina, about the obstacles police chiefs and commissioners face when disciplining officers accused of misconduct. 

St. Louis, August 2015
Deray McKesson

Sean Yoes compares activism and violence in Baltimore and St. Louis. 

Activists prevent Bernie Sanders from speaking at Westlake Park, in Seattle.
Tiffany Von Arnim / Flickr

In the first hour, Sean Yoes discusses national politics with Catalina Byrd, political strategist and media consultant, and Sean Breeze, co-host of No Hooks Hip-Hop Chronicles on WEAA. Police brutality activist Tawanda Jones joins the conversation from the ground in Ferguson, MO, to report on protests and arrests there. Neil Franklin, executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, talks about witness intimidation and law enforcement reform in Baltimore.

"At the end of the day I'm a target, I get it. I'm the youngest Chief Prosecutor in any major American city. I'm going to stand my ground. At the end of the day I'm going to challenge the status quo and that's what the constituents have elected me to do. At the end of the day, what people need to know is that I have their back."