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First Edition is Baltimore’s evening drive-time source for the latest news and information from around the city to around the world. Host Sean Yoes leads roundtable discussions with correspondents, politicians, and community leaders to provide the most relevant news for listeners – from policing and law enforcement policy to education to local, state and national politics. But after the hard news, the show shifts gears to bring words of inspiration, celebrate local students, and talk arts and culture. First Edition closes out the week with Friday’s popular Happy Hour segment, where the team spins the hottest tunes while sampling dishes from Baltimore’s best restaurants. 

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East Facade of the Supreme Court.
<a href="">Jeff Kubina and Simon Dodd</a> / Wikipedia Commons

A major victory for voting rights and civil rights advocates was delivered on Monday, when the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a federal Appeals Court ruling which struck key components of a restrictive NC voting law. Supreme Court scholar Ken Jost, of the “Jost On Justice” blog, dissects the Court’s decision on the NC law and the broader implications.

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First Edition host Sean Yoes reviews some of the top news stories of the week directly from the pages of the AFRO, with managing editor Kamau High. 

Donald Trump speaking with the media at a hangar at Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona.
<a href="">Gage Skidmore</a> / Flickr

Since Donald Trump fired controversial FBI Director James Comey, the calls for impeachment of the 45th president have grown to a deafening din. Question of the day: Is Trump headed for impeachment or four more years? First Edition host Sean Yoes opens the phone lines. 

James Comey, former Director Federal Bureau of Investigation, in October 2014.
<a href="">Brookings Institution</a> / Flickr

On Tuesday, President Trump fired controversial FBI Director James Comey, after Comey seemed to expand the FBI’s investigation into possible collusion between Trump associates and the Russian government. Former federal prosecutor and legal analyst Sheryl Wood helps First Edition host Sean Yoes sort through the implications for the Bureau and the Department of Justice. 

<a href="">Baltimore Heritage</a> / Flickr

First Edition host Sean Yoes welcomes a panel of experts to discuss the ubiquitous issue of blight in Baltimore —  including the battle against blight, correlations with gentrification, and solutions.