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First Edition host Sean Yoes gets a live report from the 108th NAACP National Convention from AFRO reporter Alexis Taylor and WEAA’s Mykel Hunter. Then, a full report on the clashes between protesters and Baltimore Police during a Baltimore City Council Meeting on Baltimore’s proposed mandatory minimum gun law.

LEON W. RUSSELL Chairman, NAACP Board of Directors.

Leon Russell, chairman of the NAACP, gives First Edition host Sean Yoes a preview of the 108th National Convention here in Baltimore this weekend. 

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First Edition host Sean Yoes continues coverage of  the proposed Baltimore mandatory gun law, with more reporting from Luke Broadwater of the Baltimore Sun, who was at Monday’s City Council meeting where the measure was formally introduced. Also, a full analysis of the legal viability of implementing the law, from veteran defense attorney and legal expert A. Dwight Pettit.

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First Edition host Sean Yoes devotes the entire first hour to Baltimore’s proposed mandatory one-year minimum gun law. The phone lines are open to ask listeners about the proposal. Will it work to help reduce violence? 

Lt. Governor Rutherford Enjoyed The Quarterly Meeting In Greenbelt, MD.
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First Edition host Sean Yoes speaks to Maryland Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford about the opioid crisis in Maryland, violence in Baltimore and his work with Project CORE in the city.