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The Ellison Report is a dynamic weekly blend of thought leadership, analysis and data on key issues, people and events impacting our communities here and abroad. 

Produced at WEAA FM, The Ellison Report is available on-air and online to provide listeners with crucial kitchen table intelligence on changes and movements in politics, geopolitics and public policy. Each week brings a fresh round of perspectives on the political process and the influence game, with emphasis placed on how that relates to populations of color. Veteran political strategist and analyst Charles D. Ellison presents a compelling rotation of subject matter experts and personalities examining the polls, campaigns, elections and legislation shaping the world we live in. Listeners can access additional insights through while interacting with the program through social media.  

From the issues and challenges rippling through Washington, state capitols and city halls to exclusive interviews with legislators and expert analysis on foreign affairs, The Ellison Report is your weekly national public affairs magazine. 


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ER talks about one of the most important features in Congress you'll never know. A look at cash in state/local races - & the big money in prez politics. Scott Walker's demise, Paul Ryan's rise from a WI perspective. Hip hop legend Jean Grae. Chewing on polls w/ YouGov. 

Bernie Sanders in Berlin NH, August.
Michael Vadon

ER discusses recent poll results and key issues for Dems in 2016 (minus Biden). What makes this Middle East hot mess different from the past. Exploring digital techniques and strategies during the electoral cycle. Questions about the lack of diversity on state/local benches. How Paul Ryan is attempting to redefine House Speaker. Insights on diversity in media (the lack thereof). 

Frank Buchalski / Wikipedia Commons

ER explores where the 20th Anniversary of the Million Man March goes next, along with a review of a new documentary on the crucial role of fatherhood in the African American community. A discussion on inequality in urban school systems is next, followed by an analysis of recent national polling trends. Experts offer post-mortem analysis of the first Democratic Debate.