Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City

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On Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City, producer Stacia Brown collects and shares intergenerational stories about place and memory in Baltimore City. The show airs every other week at 11:30 am during The Marc Steiner Show. Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City is produced in partnership with AIR & WEAA 88.9 FM.

Interior of Masjid As Saffat
Mawish Raza / Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City

Episode 10: "Can't We All Just Get Islam?" explores the history of Muslim presence in Baltimore City and the relationship of the city's predominantly black Muslim population and South Asian Muslims in suburbs outside the city.

Sophie Hess / Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City

In this week's special hour-long episode of Rise of Charm City, we are sharing audio from an event we organized at Baltimore's Impact Hub on June 1st, which explored experiences from different Muslim communities here in Baltimore City. 

Episode Nine: Banks for the Memories

May 27, 2016
Northwestern Loan Co., on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Stacia Brown / Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City

Episode Nine: "Banks for the Memories" tells the story of black banking — both traditional and nontraditional — in Baltimore City. 

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Episode 8: "Where There's a Mill, There's a Way" takes listeners to one of Baltimore City's few remaining predominantly white communities: Hampden. An historic mill town, Hampden is undergoing a gentrifying renaissance. 

The interior of the mall.
Stacia Brown / Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City

The story of Mondawmin Mall, the first enclosed mall in the country and one of the first presumably black, inner city malls in the United States. We talk to developers, longtime residents of the community around the mall, some of the oldest remaining business owners at the mall, and students who remember last year's unrest there.