Police: Murder suspect repeatedly changed story, including being kidnapped by African-American men

Apr 5, 2018

A man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend allegedly told police he shot her once in the head because he feared she was still alive even after he buried her. 

Thirty-two year old Tyler Tessier was charged with first-degree murder after his 31-year-old girlfriend Laura Wallen was found dead in a shallow grave in Damascus back in September 13. Wallen, a local high school teacher, had been reported missing by her family.

Montgomery County prosecutors said in a recent filing that Tessier repeatedly changed his story and had initially said “they” were kidnapped by black men. Tessier also told police that he helped Wallen 'disappear' at her own request because she feared she would lose her job because she was four months pregnant with another man's child.  Tessier later admitted to getting into a fight with Wallen and claims she struck her head on a wooden post on the porch after charging at him with scissors.