Message From The Membership Director

Oct 30, 2017

We're in our Harvest Membership Drive and ask - as the classic song does -- "when will there be a harvest for the world?" As we ponder that question, the answer is clear. 

The Harvest happens when people in coming together to improve our world, improve our communities. WEAA, the Voice of the Community, needs you to bring the harvest. As a public radio station, we cannot bring you the news, music, talk shows, and training of Morgan students, without your support. Without you, we cannot remain free of commercial influence. It is our privilege to serve you every day. We are here for you every day. And just twice a year, we conduct week-long appeals for your support. We're doing a lot to improve - remake our music, revitalize our talk shows, enhance our news and sports reporting.    

  • Think about giving as you dance and sing along with the Mornings with Mykel team - then donate.
  • Think about a contribution as you get educated and entertained by Robert Shahid's Masterclass. Then give.
  • Think about support as you digest insights from Dr. Kaye Wise Whitehead on Today with Dr. Kaye or For the Culture, with Farajii Muhammad. Then contribute. 
  • And for the legendary programs and hosts you've loved all along, send your gift in support of In The Groove with Marcellus, "the Bassman", Shepard  Cool Vibes with Sandi Mallory.
  • Share your love and financial gifts with the Gospel Grace team, Doc Manning's In the Tradition, Fiesta Musical, with Guillermo Brown and Gary Elter, The Friday Night Jazz Club with Angela "The Duchess" Thorpe, and The Hip Hop Chronicles with Mike Nyce.