Episode Nine: Banks for the Memories

May 27, 2016

Episode Nine: "Banks for the Memories" tells the story of black banking — both traditional and nontraditional — in Baltimore City. 

With the presence of pawn shops, private lenders, and the city's last black-owned bank left standing, Baltimore City's black communities has been a hotbed of financial activity for over a century. Featured voices include antiques appraiser and historian Philip J Merrill, Harbor Bank Chairman, President, and CEO Joseph Haskins, and I Am O'Kah founder Aisha DaCosta. 

Baltimore: The Rise of Charm City is produced by Stacia Brown and brought to you by WEAA 88.9 FM as part of Finding America, a national initiative produced by AIR, with financial support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Field production team is Mawish Raza, Marsha Jews, and Ali Post. Theme music by Mark Gunnery for the Center for Emerging Media.