Ellison Report: Trump Strategy; Executive Action & Constitutional Crisis; Neil Gorsuch Nomination

Feb 7, 2017

A weekly journal of politics, policy, and the people. 

PART I – Alan Kelly, Playmaker Systems, uses his trademark “Standard Table of Influence” to offer some definition and clarity on the strategic moves and plays of a still-infant Trump administration. 

PART II – Chris Edelson, American  University, warns that the Trump administration’s heavy  reliance on executive action has not only sparked a Constitutional crisis – but, it’s set some very dangerous, destructive precedent for years to come.

PART III – Doron Kalir, Cleveland State University, talks about newly picked Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch:  what it means, what issues are at stake, how will  Republicans play it, and what tools Democrats have at their disposal to slow it down.

PART IV – Liz Kennedy, Center for American Progress, offers a grim look into a Trump White House governing by executive order and the danger of pushing the “voter fraud” myth.