Ellison Report: #SanctuaryCities; Automation Apocalypse; #DeVos; Are Dems Ready?

Feb 12, 2017

The Ellison Report is a weekly journal of politics, policy, and the people.


PART I: Katherine Culliton-Gonzalez of Demos explains what legal and policy tools “sanctuary cities” have at their disposal in the brewing immigration fights. What’s the political and economic calculus for cities?

PART II: Art Bilger, Working Nation, warns us that accelerated automation will wipe out nearly half the global workforce – and why we’re not prepared for it. Why aren’t policymakers doing anything about it?

PART III: For our Voices of K12 segNeal McCluskey, Cato Institute, takes a look at newly-minted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and how she might turn out. What are some specific areas where they could be real change under DeVos?

PART IV: Keaton Nichols, WURD, talks about the events of the week and how over-saturated we are with Trump.