Ellison Report: Judicial Races Lack Diversity; The Politics of #Flint; #DebateNight Post-Mortem

Oct 4, 2016

The Ellison Report is a weekly journal of politics, policy, and the people.


PART I – Eric Lesh of Lambda Legal discusses their recent study on the lack of diversity in state and local judicial elections, particularly in relation to the LGBTQ population, and how that biases the courts. Plus: why are we electing judges anyway?

PART II – Keith Owens, Michigan Chronicle Senior Editor, discusses the latest flap over federal funding for Flint recovery, how the racial politics dictates Flint’s future and the fate of battleground Michigan House races. 

PART III – WEAA’s Catalina Byrd and WURD’s Barbara Grant roundtable reactions to the first Presidential debate, what that might mean for the trajectory of the national races and how that rattles an already noxious political discourse climate.

PART IV – Stefan Hankin of Lincoln Park Strategies crunches the post-debate polling numbers, who got a better bump out of it and how the last month of an exhausting Presidential race looks.