Ellison Report, 3.17.17: Title: Geo-Trump; #Automation & Jobs; Black Migrants & ICE

Mar 20, 2017

The Ellison Report is a weekly journal of politics, policy, and the people.

PART I: Dustin Tingley, Harvard University and Stephen Chaudoin, University of Illinois, on why it might be highly unlikely that President Trump will dramatically change U.S. foreign policy.

PART II: Maya Rockeymoore, Center for Global Policy Solutions, explains a new study on the negative economic impact of self-driving cars and why American workers will be hard hit as automation and artificial intelligence rapidly approaches

PART III: Barrington Salmon, Final Call, examines the impact of ICE sweeps and deportations on the Black migrant community. Why Black American communities should also be alarmed.

PART IV: William Cunningham, Creative Investments, on the latest jobs numbers and why raising interest rates may not be the best thing for the economy at the moment.