Changa Bell

Host, The RelationSHIFT Experience

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Changa Bell knew he was different. At a young age, he possessed an inner beauty, love, and resounding voice rarely experienced from one so young. He was recognized by priests, teachers, and coaches as gifted. As a little boy, Changa expressed that he wanted to share his gift for compassion with the world. But his journey would unfold turbulently.

 During his film career, after an (unmentioned) NYC music video only a few months before the towers fell, Changa began to feel an inner yearning to leave 'everything' behind and retreat. He left NYC alone with his daughter and returned home to Baltimore, MD to start anew but the subsequent 10 years were intense. Years of casual drinking, smoking and living unconsciously finally caught up to him. Doctor's diagnosed that he would need a pacemaker to live. Never one to blindly comply, Changa said a life-altering prayer to God and began a rebirthing process that included family building, healing, silence, meditation, prayer, and yoga. He traveled the world: Prague, Vina Del Mar-Chile, Nigeria, Canada, London, Amsterdam, Budapest. He even sat atop a live volcano witnessing--then running--as hot magma erupted into the air! He searched the deepest depth of his soul and his soul answered a longing question...  

Changa eventually became a certified Yoga Instructor, and he never did receive a pacemaker.  He studied the yoga sutras ardently and took to daily asana practice, often practicing for three hours per day. When he finally emerged, he was a different man. Changa was determined to fulfill his purpose. This did not come easy as he left a full-time job at one of the Nation's highest institutions of learning to wait at the well for the manifestation of Divine will...and nothing happened. He and his family spiraled into debt, suffering and homelessness. 

Miraculously, one day, shift happened. Changa received a call requesting that he take full ownership of a yoga studio. He named it Sunlight & Yoga (two of his favorite things) and began teaching, training, teaching, training, teaching training, learning, teaching.... His journey culminated in 2015 when he had a profound and life-altering experience beyond physical constraints into a space of spiritual freedom:

"Freedom comes from healing, heal thyself and be free. When you remove dogma from spirituality, what's left is relationship." This is the essence life and it is the reason and premise of RelationShift™ Life Coaching. Along with his life changing experience came an ability to help people move beyond being stuck in their story and to living in and being accountable to their core values, which subsequently awaken their divine purpose.

Changa Bell hosts The RelationSHIFT Experience on WEAA on Wednesdays at 7pm. Learn more about the RelationSHIFT experience on Changa Bell's website.

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