• Co-host, Gospel Grace Morning Show

    Ryan Turner is the co-host of the Gospel Grace Morning Show, which airs Sunday mornings from 7-10 a.m. He is a native of Baltimore, and after majoring in psychology at Hampton University, Ryan was inspired to be an active agent in...

  • Host, Cool Vibes for Your Midday and Director of Public Affairs and Community Engagement

    Sandi Mallory is WEAA’s Director of Public Affairs and Community Engagement and host of Cool Vibes for Your Midday. A veteran broadcast professional and educator, Sandi has taught speech at Baltimore City Community College, where she...

  • Host, Strictly Hip-Hop

    Vegas is producer and current host of Strictly Hip-Hop, which airs on WEAA on Fridays from midnight to 5 am. An alumni of both Morgan State University and...

  • Your Girl Cheryl puts together WEAA's weekly events calendars, letting you know about live music, theatre, dance, spoken word, and more.  She is the "Concierge of the City."

    Find Cheryl at at