Maryland State House in Annapolis.
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WEAA's Julius White has the local news.

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Steiner Show Producer Imani Spence takes us on a walkthrough of Shannon (SHAN) Wallace’s photographic exhibit at the Platform Gallery, “Ain’t I a Woman.” Wallace was City Paper’s 2016 Photographer of the Year, and creator of the “What It Means to be Black” zine, which is available at Red Emma’s.

The Dream Academy Inc. works with children of the incarcerated who have faced tremendous obstacles in their lives, including poverty and low-performing schools. The goal is to provide committed, caring adults who can make a difference and help children fix these gaps, and find self-esteem and direction in their young lives. 

Catherine Pugh addressing an audience in March 2016.
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WEAA's Julius White has the local news.

Wealthy Radio Jan 31

Feb 1, 2017
Wealthy Radio host Deborah Owens.
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This week on Wealthy Radio, host Deborah Owens learns all about credit and how we can repair our credit for free.

First, E-Credit Hero founder Nicole Sanchez talks about her startup, which is dedicated to helping consumers kick start their credit journeys and restore their financial futures. Then author and media specialist Michele Tapp Roseman discusses her new book, Hairlooms, and reveals the links between self-acceptance and emotional, physical and financial health.