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WEAA's Julius White examines whether eating a healthy salad that contains romaine lettuce in nny variety won't make you sick or send you to the hospital with a serious condition.

Baltimore Police Department

Three people are dead and four others are injured following weekend shootings in Baltimore.  A 23 year-old man was shot and killed in the 11-hundred block of Nanticoke Street Sunday morning just after 4:30.  


Mayor Pugh is looking to raise money to attract development to troubled Baltimore neighborhoods. Pugh hopes the plan will encourage private donations. She wants to raise $55 million by leasing—not selling, several city-owned parking garages. 


The Board of Estimates approved the settlement to be paid to a man who was wrongfully convicted of murder and spent 20 years in prison.  The settlement for James Owens is the largest from the city in an alleged police misconduct case. 


The new initiative was launched at a news conference Monday. All eleven of the city's hospitals will be assigned levels of care based on the ability to treat those who test positive for the drugs, administer the antidote naloxone and how doctors prescribe opioids.